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Lipizzaner Stallions, Piber stud, morning routine, Spanish riding School

Spanish Riding School Vienna - Morning Exercise

Look behind the scenes of Vienna's famous Spanish Riding School and witness the morning routine of the glorious Lipizzaner stallions. Tickets here!

Duration: 240 min

from: 9.50 €
Spanish Riding School Performance, Lipizzaner

Spanish Riding School - Performance

Watch the mesmerizing ballet of the oldest horse breed in Europe and be part of a breathtaking performance. Best tickets now available online!

Duration: 60 min

from: 133.00 €
Spanish Riding School, Piber stud, Lipizzaner

Spanish Riding School - Piber Meets Vienna

Witness young foals and their mothers playing together in the world famous Spanish Riding School Vienna. An unforgettable experience for the whole family!

Duration: 240 min

from: 32.00 €
Spanish Riding School, Vienna´s boys Choir

Spanish Riding School - Vienna Boys' Choir

Be part of a mesmerizing performance when the elegance of the Lipizzaner Stallions meets the enchanting voices of Vienna Boys' Choir. Book your ticket now!

Duration: 180 min

from: 118.00 €
Lipizzaner Stallions perform, classical music, marches, Viennese Philharmonic Orchestra

Spanish Riding School - Vienna Philharmonics

Watch the brilliant Lipizzaner Stallions perform side by side with classical music played by Vienna's renowned Philharmonic Orchestra!

Duration: 60 min

from: 118.00 €