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Christmas Trumpet at Maltese Church, Christmas Concert

Christmas Trumpet at Maltese Church

Festive organ & trumpet concerts in the Christmas season ☆ Christmas concerts with the most beautiful melodies of Bach, Mozart, Haendel & Co ☆ Unique musical combination of organ and trumpet sounds...

Duration: 60 min

from: 25.00 €
Christmas Concert at St. Stephen's Cathedral

Christmas Concerts at St. Stephen's Cathedral

Magic melodies in Vienna's most important landmark ☆ Festive chamber music & the most beautiful Christmas melodies ☆ Contemplative concert experience in Vienna's St. Stephen's Cathedral ☆ Unique artistic quality of the Chamber...

Duration: 60 min

from: 20.00 €
Fireworks, New year´s eve celebration, Kursalon

New Year's Eve Gala in Kursalon Vienna

Welcome the New Year with melodies of Strauss and Mozart in the stunning ambience of Kursalon Vienna ☆ Bid farewell to the old year while waltzing to compositions of the "Waltz...

Duration: 60 min

from: 222.00 €
Dance and Party at New Year Eve Gala in Vienna City Hall

New Year's Eve Gala in Vienna City Hall

Waltz into New Year on the grand balcony of Vienna's most stunning ballroom ☆ Spend the longest night of the year in one of Vienna's most attractive venues, Vienna City Hall...

Duration: 420 min

from: 140.00 €
Christmas concert and dinner in Kursalon Vienna, Christmas tree

Christmas Concerts in Kursalon Vienna

Spice up your Christmas holidays with heartwarming melodies of Strauss and Mozart in the majestic Kursalon ☆ Experience the charm of Viennese classical music in the very house where the "Waltz...

Duration: 240 min

from: 48.00 €