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Spanish Riding School, Piber stud, Lipizzaner

Spanish Riding School - Piber Meets Vienna

Witness young foals and their mothers playing together in the world famous Spanish Riding School Vienna. An unforgettable experience for the whole family!

Duration: 240 min

from: 32.00 €
Spanish Riding School, Vienna´s boys Choir

Spanish Riding School - Vienna Boys' Choir

Be part of a mesmerizing performance when the elegance of the Lipizzaner Stallions meets the enchanting voices of Vienna Boys' Choir. Book your ticket now!

Duration: 180 min

from: 118.00 €
Lipizzaner Stallions perform, classical music, marches, Viennese Philharmonic Orchestra

Spanish Riding School - Vienna Philharmonics

Watch the brilliant Lipizzaner Stallions perform side by side with classical music played by Vienna's renowned Philharmonic Orchestra!

Duration: 60 min

from: 118.00 €
Vienna Mozart Orchestra Musikverein

Vienna Mozart Orchestra in Musikverein

Travel back into the baroque era, as you listen to the sounds of W.A. Mozart in the stunning atmosphere of Vienna's world famous Musikverein. Tickets here!

Duration: 60 min

from: 55.00 €
Wiener Mozart Orchestra State Opera

Vienna Mozart Orchestra in State Opera

Listen to Mozart's greatest masterpieces while travelling back in time. Musicians of the Vienna Mozart Orchestra perform in historic customes. Get tickets now!

Duration: 60 min

from: 50.00 €
Vienna Residence Orchestra - Concerts in Auersperg Palace

Vienna Residence Orchestra - Concerts in Auersperg Palace

Viennese classics & operetta authentically performed: Get to know the best pieces by Mozart & Strauss in the impressive surroundings of Auersperg Palace.

Duration: 60 min

from: 45.00 €
Vivaldi, Fours Seasons, violin concert,St. Stephen's Cathedral, Chamber Orchestra

Vivaldi Concerts in St. Stephen's Cathedral

The virtuoso concert cycle of the Venetian master Vivaldi is performed in the world famous St. Stephen's Cathedral. Discover the best concerts in Vienna!

Duration: 60 min

from: 19.00 €
Vivaldi's Four Seasons in St. Charles' Church

Vivaldi's Four Seasons in St. Charles' Church

Experience Antonio Vivaldi's masterpiece at the magnificent St. Charles Church Vienna. Concert performed by more than 40 musicians. Tickets available online!

Duration: 60 min

from: 31.00 €