Frequently Asked Questions

1. I’ve ordered tickets at Culture Ticket, but haven’t received any order confirmation yet. Did my booking go through?

After completing your order, an automatic order confirmation will be sent to your e-mail address. Please check first, if the e-mail is possibly caught in your spam folder. In order to avoid this in the future, please add our sender address office@culture-ticket.com to your e-mail address book. Perhaps the indicated e-mail address contains a typing error. In this case, please contact our support team.

2. I lost my e-Ticket. What can I do?

If you lost your e-Ticket, please contact us, and we will send it to you again. If you suspect your ticket got stolen and could be used by another person, a new e-Ticket has to be issued. Please note, however, that Culture Ticket assumes no liability for lost or stolen tickets. Each E-Ticket contains a unique voucher number and can, therefore, be redeemed only once.

3. I am not able/do not want to attend an already booked event for personal reasons. Is there a possibility to cancel/rebook the tickets?

In general, cancellations of already booked tickets are excluded. However, we kindly advise you to contact our Support Team as soon as possible. Culture Ticket will spare no effort to cancel the order by contacting the respective event organizer. We will try to reach a compromise in order to achieve an entire or partial reimbursement in cash or the form of a coupon for you.
If the cancellation is rejected by the organizers, we offer you the possibility to take your already booked tickets on commission up to 2 weeks before the event. They will then be offered on our website. In case your tickets are successfully sold, you will receive 50% of the ticket price refunded. If the tickets are not sold, you can of course still redeem them by yourself.

4. An event was canceled/postponed/relocated, and I am not able/do not want to attend the event. Is it possible to cancel my tickets?

Should an organizer decide to postpone an event or change a venue, the ticket remains valid for the new date, respectively the new venue, regardless of the reasons for shifting. It is at the discretion of the organizer to decide whether tickets can be returned, refunded or exchanged.
Performances are subject to changes of cast, date and/or programme. In any case, these changes will not establish any claims in terms of cash refunds, price reductions or the return of tickets. Should an event be canceled, postponed or relocated, Culture Ticket guarantees you its full support for the cancellation process.

5. Are E-Tickets transferable or are they personalized?

The E-Tickets issued by Culture Ticket are not personalized. To gain access to the venue, only the unique voucher number printed on the E-Ticket is crucial. Therefore tickets bought at Culture Ticket can be passed on easily. Please note, that it is not allowed to duplicate them though.

6. I’ve already ordered tickets and now want to add another one. Is it possible yet to sit together?

If you want to add tickets to an already existing booking, please contact our Support Team before making any additional online bookings. We will contact the organizer and try to fulfill your request.

7. How do you assign the seats?

After having placed your order, your request will be directly forwarded to the organizer. Thus you will be provided with the best available seats in the category you selected.

8. Is it possible to book wheelchair seats through Culture Ticket?

For some performances, we are pleased to offer you wheelchair seats. To find out whether this is possible for the event you are interested in, we kindly ask you to contact our Support Team by e-mail to support@culture-ticket.com.

9. How can I book tickets for bigger groups (e.g., tour operators or school classes)? Is there a special discount?

For group bookings or individual discounts, please contact our Support Team by e-mail to support@culture-ticket.com.

10. What kinds of payment methods are available at Culture Ticket?

Payment can be made via credit card (VISA, Mastercard, Diners Club, American Express) or Paypal.

13. I haven’t found a suitable performance/ the performance I am interested in. Can Culture Ticket help me with that?

We attach great importance to ensuring that our customers get what they really want. Should you be unable to find a suitable/particular event on our website, we are more than happy to help you with your search. In this context, please get in touch with our Support Team by e-mail to support@culture-ticket.com.

14. I am an organizer and would like to offer my tickets through Culture Ticket. How can I do so?

With more than 20.000 events and over 2 million satisfied customers, Culture Ticket has numerous cooperation partners. We appreciate your interest and kindly invite you to contact us by e-mail to sales@culture-ticket.com in order to discuss the next steps.

15. I still have a question that has not been answered in your FAQs. How can I contact your Support Team?

Our support team will gladly help you with your questions. Please contact us by e-mail to support@culture-ticket.com or the contact form below.


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