7 fun Viennese activities for the whole family!

7 fun Viennese activities for the whole family!

7 fun Viennese activities for the whole family 

Sightseeing with children can be exhausting. Normally, they don't find the sights adults want to see amusing. However, Vienna has quite a few sights and places that are also interesting for children. From a wide variety of live animals to amusement park activities and kid-friendly museums, the city offers countless opportunities for our little ones to enjoy and have fun.

We prepared a short list of ideas what to do with kids in Vienna to ensure interesting and eventful vacation for the children as well as adults.

Schönbrunn Zoo

First and foremost, the zoo. What kid doesn't like to run around a huge zoo, full of exotic animals. The Europe's oldest zoological garden is also one of its most famous ones. It houses hundreds of different species, often in specially themed enclosures that make the visit even more interesting. 


The Prater amusement park is so much more than the Giant Ferris Wheel. Children, as well as the adults, can enjoy some time off from sightseeing and spend quality time together at the park's many attractions. 5D cinema, horror houses, bumper cars, ferris wheels and countless more offer visitors of all ages lots of fun. Ride the Giant Ferris Wheel and rise more than 65 meters above the street level, enjoying the beautiful view of the city.

House of music

The Haus der Musik is one the most popular museums for kids in Vienna. It's a highly interactive museum, where they can explore the aspects of sound and learn about the history of classical music in the city. From experimenting with their own voices, exploring the lives of Austrian composers or virtual conducting the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra to playing Vienna Waltz dice or Namadeus, invented by Mozart the museum offers hours of fun for all music-lovers out there.

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The Albertina museum is a famous tourist spot. Besides all the grown-up activities, the museum offers workshops for kids (aged 6 - 12 years) on selected weekends. Children learn techniques mastered by famous artists, such as Joan Miro. It's also a great way to keep your kids busy, while you enjoy the "grown-up" part of the museum in peace.


Just a quick metro ride from the city center there's one of the most famous summer residences in the world. There's free audio tour available for download in your app store, which enables you to enjoy a self-guided tour through the palace. Tours are timed be sure to book your tickets online to avoid waiting in line.

Afterward head to the Children’s Museum on the west side of the palace where kids can dress up as children in imperial times, try on wigs and learn about the imperial history. In the palace gardens, children can explore the maze and labyrinth.

Combine experience with a visit to the zoo, and you got yourself a whole day of fun activities for you as well as your little ones.

Spanish riding school

Spanish riding school is the oldest riding institution in the world. Watch the stunning white Lipizzaner stallions perform eye-catching jumps and gain insight into the world of classical horsemanship. A fun show for all ages is definitely a must-see when visiting Vienna. Offering a variety of different shows it's a perfect opportunity for the whole family to enjoy.

Book your tickets online and avoid standing in lines at the venue.

Strauss & Mozart concert in Kursalon Vienna

A great way to ease your kids into the world of classical music and culture. The concert features opera singers and ballet dancers alongside the magnificent Salonorchester Alt Wien. Entertaining and fun performance, beautiful ambient and shorter concert duration make up for a great event for the whole family.

Book your tickets online and get the best seats at the concert.

May your trip to Vienna be pleasant and relaxing. It's a great city for tourists of all ages. Lots of museums and sights offer activities for both adults as well as kids, so you can enjoy all the city has to offer, while your little ones enjoy doing what they do best - being kids.

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