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Viennese things — schnitzel

How to Spend a Weekend in Vienna

How to Spend a Weekend in Vienna 0

With so many incredible buildings to admire, cafes to visit and concerts to experience, you could easily spend months in Vienna and never do the same thing twice. But since months-long holidays are a luxury most of us can only dream of, sometimes we have to squeeze as much as possible into a single weekend. If you’re planning on spending a couple of days in Vienna and want to make the most of your fleeting visit, here’s how we recommend you use your 48 hours.
Where to Find The Best Schnitzels in Vienna

Where to Find The Best Schnitzels in Vienna 0

One of Vienna’s most iconic emblems, schnitzel is the city’s signature dish, made from a cutlet of meat (traditionally veal) dredged in beaten eggs, seasoned flour and delicate breadcrumbs then fried until crispy, golden brown. It’s every bit as delicious as it sounds and is something everyone should try when in Austria’s capital. But not all schnitzels are made equal. So to save your taste buds from experiencing disappointment, we’re revealing where to find the best schnitzels in Vienna.