9 romantic activities to enjoy in Vienna - The essential guide to romance in the city of music

9 romantic activities to enjoy in Vienna - The essential guide to romance in the city of music

9 romantic activities to enjoy in Vienna

The essential guide to romance in the City of music

If you're looking for a romantic getaway with your special someone, Vienna is definitely the choice you won't regret. From gorgeous architecture, to all sorts of romantic corners and activities the city has to offer, it's a perfect destination for couples of all ages.

Below you'll find 9 suggestions what to do in Vienna with your loved one.

Take a boat trip along the blue Danube

What better way to spend a sunny summer day with your partner than to enjoy the boat cruise down the wonderful Danube. Feeling the summer breeze in your hair while looking at some of the best sights the city has to offer is one of Vienna's must-dos. At night the cruise has a special charm, as the city lights are turned on. Experience the flow of the river, which inspired Strauss to compose the world's most famous waltz.

Take a Fiaker ride in through the city center

Hop onto the horse-drawn carriage and let it take you through the streets of Vienna's Old Town, as you sit in its comfortable seats with your partner. See the best sights the center has to offer and experience a unique way of transportation - just as royalty did in the old days.

Experience the glam of the Opera at the Staatsoper

Dress up in something fancy and experience Opera the way it was meant to be experienced. Breathtaking surroundings of Viennese Staatsoper offer the perfect ambient to accompany the sounds of brilliant Viennese classical music, making it all together an unforgettable experience.

To skip the lines at the box office, feel free to book your tickets for the concert of the magnificent Mozart Orchestra in advance here.

Feel the butterflies in your stomach and all around you at the Schmetterlinghaus

In walking distance from the Opera, you'll find an imposing tropical oasis - the Imperial Butterfly House. Walk through one of the most beautiful palm houses in the world as you're surrounded by more than 400 live, free-flying butterflies. Admire their vivid and unique color combinations and watch as they float gracefully from one plant to another. If you're lucky, some of them might even land on you and rest for a while.

Rise above the rooftops in a private cabin of the Giant Ferris Wheel

There's nothing better than having your own private cabin at the famous Giant Ferris Wheel and rising above the rooftop level, while sipping a glass of champagne. Combine that with the company of the person you love and you're both in for an unforgettable evening, full of precious memories. Experience Vienna from a different point of view as you rest in each other's arms high above the city's streets.

Stroll through the gardens by the Schönbrunn Palace

The palace itself is a sight to remember. However, strolling through the picturesque gardens beside it offers a pleasant quiet time for the two of you to relax and just enjoy each other's company. Combine it with dinner and/or classical concert and you got yourself a glorious evening with your loved one.

Book your tickets in advance, to avoid standing in lines here.

Waltz the night away at one of various Viennese Balls

One of the most romantic activities you can enjoy is definitely dancing. Waltzing with your special someone to the wonderful melodies of Viennese classical music really brings out the true Viennese spirit. Set into the wonderful ambience of the city's many concert and dance halls, the famous balls offer you a great and romantic time with your partner.

Feel free to book your tickets to one of the most famous Viennese balls, the Johann Strauss Ball.

Enjoy a slice of the original Sachertorte at Café Sacher

"The way to a person's heart goes through their stomach" has never been more correct. Enjoy a slice of the original Sacher cake at Café Sacher. From wonderful ambience of the Café's interior, to mouthwatering Sacher cakes it really is the recipe for a romantic date with the one you love.

Find your own special spot in the city and enjoy some magic moments with your special someone

Be sure to wander around the city and find your own little spot. Vienna has a lot of hidden courtyards, corners, riverbanks and cozy café's, which offer wonderful surroundings to spend some quality alone time at. Explore the city with your loved one and expand our list as much as you can.

Your visit to Vienna can be just as special and romantic as one of the most popular romantic movies of all times - "Before sunrise", which was set into the wonderful ambient of the city. Walk the streets to recreate the movie with your own special twist and you're guaranteed to spend some magical moments with your better half.

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