Save time and money while seeing more of the city with Vienna PASS

Save time and money while seeing more of the city with Vienna PASS

Save time and money while seeing more of the city with Vienna PASS

Instead of spending hours waiting in queues buying tickets to the city's most popular attractions, you can gain free access and skip the lines with just one card. In addition to the free entry to over 60 attractions, the Vienna PASS grants you a free HOP ON HOP OFF bus tour that allows you to hop on and off at more than 50 stops throughout the city.

From imperial palaces, cultural art galleries and museums to a guided walking tour or bus ride, Vienna PASS enables you to explore the best of Vienna without standing in lines and paying for a ticket.

Giant Ferris Wheel

Offering a unique view of the rooftops, the Giant Ferris Wheel surely is a must-go when visiting Vienna. One of the city's most recognizable landmarks, built at the turn of the 20th century, rises proudly nearly 65 meters above the Prater ground, offering an unforgettable experience for all generations.

How to get there:

  • Underground: U1, U2 Praterstern
  • Trams: 5
  • HOP ON HOP OFF: Blue line - Prater/Riesenrad
Giant Ferris Wheel Vienna

    Schönbrunn Palace Grand Tour

    One of Vienna's most popular attractions and probably the most popular imperial palace in Europe treats you with an insight into the lives of Empress Maria Theresa and her contemporaries. Each of 1441 rooms has a slightly different style taking you back to the imperial times. Stand where young Mozart performed for the first time at the age of six for Empress Maria Theresa in the beautiful Mirror Room. Afterward, stroll through the endless gardens surrounding the palace.

    Included: Schönbrunn Palace Grand Tour, Orangery, Schönbrunn Zoo, Privy Garden and maze, Imperial Carriage Museum Vienna, Gloriette, Children's Museum

    How to get there:

    • Underground: U4 Schönbrunn
    • Trams: 10 and 58 Schönbrunn
    • Bus: 10A Schönbrunn station
    • HOP ON HOP OFF: Yellow Line: Schloss Schönbrunn

      Upper and Lower Belvedere Palace

      Visit one of the world's most important and most beautiful museums. Standing at the top of the hill, it offers a magnificent view of Vienna. It houses the world's largest collection of Gustav Klimt's paintings, including "The Kiss" and "Judith," alongside the key works of French impressionists like Cezanne, Degas, van Gogh, Monet, Pissarro, and Renoir. Be sure to check out the palace gardens connecting both palaces full of fountains and basins, mythological sculptures and ground ornaments.

      How to get there:

      Upper Belvedere:

      • Tram O, 18: Quartier Belvedere / Tram D: Schloss Belvedere
      • HOP ON HOP OFF: Yellow Line: Schloss Belvedere

      Lower Belvedere:

      • Tram 71: Unteres Belvedere / Tram D, 2: Schwarzenbergplatz
      • HOP ON HOP OFF: Yellow Line: Schwarzenbergplatz

        Schönbrunn Zo

        A treat for the kids and animal lovers alike, the world's oldest zoo, built in 1752, houses over 500 different animal species - including the baby elephant and baby panda. With some of the best conditions a zoo can offer, it has pioneered zoology with the first birth of an African elephant in captivity and natural conception of three panda cubs. Visit the Schönbrunn Zoo for a perfect day out with your family or friends.

        Highlights: Polar World, Rainforest House, Pet Park, Desert Experience House, Monkey House, Nature Experience Trail

        How to get there:

        • Underground: U4 Hietzing
        • Trams: 10, 58, 60
        • Bus: 10A, 51A, 56B, 156B
        • HOP ON HOP OFF: Yellow Line: Schloss Schönbrunn
        Schonbrunn Zoo Vienna PASS

          Albertina Museum & Art Gallery

          Home to Monet's The Water Lily Pond, Degas' Two Dancers and a series of Joan Miro's works, the Albertina Museum is a must-visit for all art lovers. The museum was founded in 1776 by Maria Theresa's son-in-law, Duke Albert of Saxe-Teschen. Located in the Hofburg Palace, it offers a wealth of rich culture, history and artworks by Monet, Cezanne, Klimt and Picasso.

          How to get there:

          • Underground: U1, U2, U4 Karlsplatz; U3 Stephansplatz
          • Trams: 1, 2, D, 62, 71, Badner Bahn Staatsoper / Kärntner Ring
          • Bus: 3A Albertina
          • HOP ON HOP OFF: Red/Yellow Line: Staatsoper
          Albertina Vienna PASS

            Museum of Natural History

            One of the most popular tourist attractions in Vienna houses an impressive collection of over 30 million specimen and artefacts, including the Venus of Willendorf. 39 themed rooms take you on a journey from the prehistoric era to the history of human revolution, treating you with a dinosaur room and the largest meteorite collection in the world.

            How to get there:

            • Underground: U2, U3 Volkstheater
            • Tram: 1, 2, 46, 49, 71, D
            • Bus: 48A
            • HOP ON HOP OFF: Red Line: Kunsthistorisches Museum/Heldenplatz
            Museum of natural history vienna pass

              Spanish Riding School

              Located in Hofburg, Spanish Riding School is a world-renowned institution and tradition dating back to 1565. The traditional riding school for snow-white Lipizzaner horses teaches their haute école equestrian skills, which are later performed to audiences in the wonderful ambience of Hofburg Palace.

              How to get there:

              • Underground: U3 Herrengasse
              • Tram: 1, 2, 71, D Burgring
              • Bus: 2A and 3A Hofburg
              • HOP ON HOP OFF: Staatsoper; Kunsthistorisches Museum/Heldenplatz

                Hofburg Imperial Palace

                Another must-see in Vienna was one of the most prominent palaces of the Austrian empire. Housing various museums, art galleries, and prestigious collections, it just waits in the center of Vienna to be explored. The "city within a city" consists of 18 wings, 19 courtyards, and over 2600 rooms. Check out the Imperial Silver Collection featuring 7000 items; the Sisi Museum established to honor the legendary Empress Sisi, or explore the Imperial Apartments that was home to the Habsburgs for over 600 years.

                How to get there:

                • Underground: U3 Herrengasse
                • Tram: 1, 2, 71, D Burgring
                • Bus: 2A, 3A Hofburg
                • HOP ON HOP OFF: Red Line: Kunsthistorisches Museum/Heldenplatz

                  Danube Tower

                  The tallest structure in Austria, rising just over 250 meters high above the blue Danube is one of the most iconic landmarks along the city's skyline. Its slowly rotating viewing platform with restaurant offers an unparalleled view of the city and its surrounding regions at 155 meters above ground.

                  How to get there:

                  • Underground: U1 Kaisermühlen VIC / Alte Donau
                  • HOP ON HOP OFF: Blue Line: Donauturm
                  danube tower donauturm vienna pass

                    City Cruises Vienna & The Guided Walking Tour

                    See Vienna from all angles - walking the streets of its center and enjoying an informative and relaxing boat ride along the Danube. Both the boat ride as well as the guided walking tour provide an unforgettable experience, filled with stories of the locals and sights to see.

                    How to get there:

                    CITY CRUISE:

                    • Underground: U1, U4 Schwedenplatz
                    • Tram: 1, 2
                    • Bus: 2A
                    • HOP ON HOP OFF: Red Line: City Cruises

                    GUIDED WALKING TOUR

                    • Underground: U1, U2, U4 Karlsplatz
                    • Bus: 1A, 2A
                    • HOP ON HOP OFF: Red/Yellow Line: Staatsoper
                    City Cruise Vienna PASS

                      Other attractions included in the Vienna PASS

                      Besides the top 10 listed above, there are over 50 more attractions you can check out free of charge with the Vienna PASS:

                      • Stephen's Cathedral Treasury
                      • Madame Tussauds
                      • Imperial Palaces Schloss Hof and Niederweiden
                      • Weltmuseum Wien
                      • Leopold Museum
                      • Dom Museum Wien
                      • Imperial Burial Vault
                      • Josephinum
                      • Belvedere 21
                      • Beethoven Pasqualati House
                      • Time Travel - Magic Vienna History Tour
                      • Palm House Schönbrunn
                      • Museum of Art History
                      • Forchtenstein Castle
                      • Esterhazy Palace
                      • Johann Strauss Apartment
                      • Papyrus Museum
                      • Roman City Carnuntum
                      • Schubert's Birthplace
                      • Otto Wagner Pavillion (Karlsplatz)
                      • Otto Wagner Pavillion (Hietzing)
                      • State Hall of the Austrian National Library
                      • Globe and Esperanto Museum
                      • Schubert's Place of Death
                      • Literature Museum
                      • Haydn House
                      • Imperial Treasury Vienna
                      • Kunst Haus - Hundertwasser Museum
                      • House of Music
                      • Klosterneuburg Monastery
                      • Imperial Carriage Museum
                      • Mozarthaus Vienna
                      • Guided Tour of the UN Headquarters
                      • Museum of Technology
                      • Jewish Museum & Museum Judenplatz
                      • Museum of Moder Art - mumok
                      • Bank Austria Kunstforum Vienna
                      • Apple Strudel Show
                      • Hofmobiliendepot - Imperial Furniture Collection
                      • Schlumberger Cellars
                      • Sigmund Freud Museum
                      • Theatre Museum
                      • Kunsthalle Wien
                      • Museum at the Abbey of the Scots
                      • MAK - Austrian Museum of Applied Arts
                      • WestLicht Center for Photography
                      • Museum of Military History
                      • Remise Transport Museum
                      • Liliputbahn
                      • Praterzug
                      • Danube Park Miniature Railway
                      • Porcelain Museum at Augarten
                      • VISITAIR Terrace at Vienna Airport
                      • Prater Museum
                      • Collection of Anatomical Pathology

                      How does Vienna PASS work?

                      1. Order your Pass online and choose whether you want it shipped or to waiting for you to collect it upon your arrival in Vienna.
                      2. Simply show your Vienna Pass at any included attraction to get free entry.

                      How is the pass activated?

                      The pass will become activated upon its first use at an attraction. You'll have to scan the barcode, which will activate the card at first use. Depending on your selected pass duration - 1, 2, 3 or 6 days - the pass will be valid for that many consecutive calendar days from its activation. Once the pass has expired, the card will stop working and you will no longer be granted entry into any attraction. Please date and sign your pass in the space provided, otherwise, it is not valid.

                      With over 60 attractions to see, being able to skip busy lines is priceless. Instead of waiting in queues in front of museums, art galleries and palaces relax at one of Vienna's countless coffeehouses or go see even more of what the city has to offer.

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