9 fun activities to do in Vienna in summer

9 fun activities to do in Vienna in summer

9 fun activities to do in Vienna in summer

Although Vienna is perfect for visiting any time of year, it shines in a unique glow during the warm months of summer. In that time the city thrives with tourists and pulses with festival energy, from film and food to jazz and other music events. From July to September the city treats you with all kinds of fun summer activities. Below you will find 9 ideas on what to do in Vienna during the summer.

Experience the Music Film Festival on Rathausplatz

Rathaus music film festival in Vienna

Every year from July to September the large square in front of the City Hall is filled with various food stalls. Ranging from the classic Viennese Kaiserschmarrn to traditional cuisines from all around the world, it's a real treat for the eyes as well as the taste buds. Besides the great food, there is also a very interesting and diverse film and music programme every year, where you can enjoy in the opera, the movies or attend a live concert.

Witness the Spanish Riding School: Piber Meets Vienna

Lipizzaner horses in Spanish Riding School

In July, the Spanish Riding School will perform their summer special "Piber Meets Vienna". At the show, you will get insight into the life at the stud and watch the clumsy young foals playing around the ring with their mothers. Unlike the other Spanish Riding School events, these shows are livelier and much less formal, a perfect opportunity for the whole family to enjoy. To skip the lines you can book tickets for the show here.

Bike through the city

Vienna City Bike station

More than 1000 kilometers of bike paths throughout the whole city make it perfect to get around with a bicycle. Stopping wherever you want, you can really make your way down the list of Vienna's attractions real quick while absorbing the pulse of the city as you go.

Experience the "Rooftop Vienna"

Panorama of Vienna on the rooftop.

Vienna has a number of cute cozy rooftop bars, where you can relax over a cold drink and see the city from another perspective. It's a great chance to experience the rhythm of Vienna, without having to walk the overcrowded streets on a hot summer day. Another way to do so is to visit the Giant Ferris Wheel in Prater. Snap a few photos and look down at the city's rooftops, as you sit in a comfortable cart of Austria's most famous ferris wheel. 

Take a Vienna Sightseeing tour

Vienna Sightseeing.

One of the best ways to get around the city is to take part in a sightseeing tour. You can take advantage of numerous hop-on, hop-off buses and get to know all the highlights Vienna has to offer. The best part - YOU can choose which to check out and which to skip.

Enjoy Vienna at night

Danube canal in Vienna during night.

Experience the special evening charm of Vienna after dark. Decorated with countless ambient lights, some of the city's highlights get that unique glow only when the night falls. Strolling through the city filled with tourists and locals on a warm summer evening, you can really feel what "The city of music" is all about. There are also numerous tours available for seeing Vienna at nighttime, which are carefully planned to guarantee you an unforgettable evening. 

Stroll through the beautiful Schönbrunn Palace gardens

Gardens in Schönbrunn Palace

Take a walk through the breathtaking gardens of the Schönbrunn Palace, which provide you with cool shadows to chill in during the hot summer days. As you're already in the area, you can combine the experience with visiting the Schönbrunn Zoo, which offers you and your little ones hours of fun moments.

Visit the Naschmarkt Market

Naschmarkt in Vienna

The Naschmarkt Market is the most famous of Viennese markets. Take a walk through all the different stalls, bars and restaurants, which cover the area with various scents and aromas. Treat yourself with some fresh fruit or vegetables, or just walk through the market and take in as much as you can, before your vacation is over.

Cool down at the Old Danube

Beach at the old Danube in Vienna

From paddle boats to tanning and swimming in the fresh water, Old Danube offers you countless summer activities to cool down during the hot days. Just a few subway stations from the inner city, there is a summer oasis by the river that flows through it. Freshen up with a cold drink at one of many bars along the river or get some ice cream while resting in the shade of nearby trees. 

Whether you're just strolling through the city center or visiting a few of many tourist attractions, Vienna really brings out the best of itself during summer. You can easily spend the whole summer vacation in Vienna alone, with your family or your friends and enjoy all the city has to offer.

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