St. Stephen's Cathedral - 8 centuries of architectural history, secrets and legends

St. Stephen's Cathedral - 8 centuries of architectural history, secrets and legends

St. Stephen's Cathedral - 8 centuries of architectural history, secrets and legends

Simply a sight you cannot overlook when exploring Vienna. For 700 years the marvelous cathedral has watched over the city. Being not only the main Roman Catholic Church in Vienna but also one of Austria's most popular attractions, it attracts over a million visitors each year.

343 steps to a well-deserved view

Standing proudly in the city center it boasts with its 137-meter high spire that pierces the sky. A tight spiral staircase with 343 steps leads up to the top of the breathtaking South Tower, which took 65 years to build and is currently the highest point in the skyline of inner Vienna. The steps lead up to watchman's lookout nearly 75 meters above street level. It was once used as a fire warden's station and an observation point for the city's defense. The climb is well worth the effort, awarding you with the best view over the Old Town in all of Vienna.

The Boomer bell and Imperial eagle

A total of 13 bells hang in the church, most famous of them being "the Pummerin" ("Boomer Bell"), the second biggest free-swinging chimed church bell in Europe. It hangs in the 68,3 meter-tall north tower. You can reach it by an express elevator, which takes you to the observation platform.

The roof tiles of St. Stephen's Cathedral were carefully laid to create the Royal and Imperial double-headed eagle alongside the coat of arms of Vienna. 

Treasure, tombs and catacombs

Besides the valuable altars and side chapels, you can also see the cathedral treasure, including relics decorated with gold and precious stones, liturgical texts and books.
There were quite a few important people throughout Austria's history, who were laid to rest in St. Stephen's Cathedral. Among them are Emperor Friedrich III., who was buried in a gorgeous marble sarcophagus and the Habsburg duke Rudolph IV. - “The founder", who laid the foundation stone for the Cathedral's Gothic reconstruction in 1359. In the catacombs, you can also find graves of Vienna’s cardinals and archbishops.

Embark on an epic discovery tour of the Cathedral and uncover the secrets that surround it, descend into its catacombs, climb its marvelous towers and learn about the history of the Vienna.

Visit St. Stephen’s Cathedral and stand on the very same spot, where Joseph Haydn sang as a choir boy and where Mozart was married in 1782.

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