Vienna's top 5 Christmas markets

Vienna's top 5 Christmas markets

Vienna's top 5 Christmas markets

One of the reasons to spend Christmas holidays in Vienna is definitely the various Christmas markets the city offers. Located at the sites of most Viennese attractions, they feel like small villages inside a big city. They lure visitors in with heartwarming scents and flavors and treat them with a joyful atmosphere that keeps your body and soul warm during cold December days. Below, you'll find enlisted 5 of our favorite Christmas markets.

The Christkindlmarkt

Probably the biggest and most famous Christmas market takes place at Rathausplatz in front of the City Hall. There are 154 stands embracing its visitors with the smells of chocolate, punch and gingerbread, offering a heart-warming experience of Christmas wonderland. What sets the Christkindlmarkt apart from the rest is a 3000 square meter ice rink located at the City Hall Park, providing lots of fun for the families, kids, friends and groups alike.

Christmas Village at Maria-Theresien Platz

Not far from Christkindlmarkt, between the monumental buildings of Naturhistorisches Museum and Kunsthistrorisches Museum, there lies the Christmas Village. Over 70 stalls offer delicious treats and unique Christmas presents to give to your loved ones. There are regular concerts performed by gospel choirs and other music groups, creating a wonderful Christmas atmosphere. On December 27th the Christmas Village is replaced by the New Year's Village.

Christmas Market at the Schönbrunn Palace

Located at the site of Vienna's most famous imperial palace, there are over 60 stalls, offering handicrafts such as nativity sets and hand-made Christmas decorations. The scent of freshly baked Vanillekipferl and hot punch invites visitors to spend a day at the beautiful Christmas market with one of the worlds most famous palaces in the background. Christmas concerts and an extensive program for children wraps the market in a wonderful atmosphere for couples or families.

 Christmas Village Altes AKH

One that stands out is definitely Christmas Village at Vienna's former general hospital. It treats the visitors with its traditional Viennese atmosphere, but also offers a children's railway, an old-fashioned carousel and two curling lanes. It's a big hit for the families as well as the younger crowd from the nearby university campus. Lovely designed stalls set into many narrow alleyways draw the visitors closer with classic Christmas treats and the smell of Glühwein.

Christmas Village Belvedere Palace

Get lost in the beautiful baroque surroundings of the world-famous Belvedere Palace and explore the unique palace gardens, which provide the perfect setting for a peaceful Christmas market. Exhibitors offer traditional handcrafted goods, Christmas decorations and special culinary delights on more than 40 gorgeously decorated market stalls.

Warm your body and soothe your soul with traditional Christmas treats and a cup of hot Weihnachtspunsch. Wander around various Christmas markets and make this Christmas holiday one to remember.

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